The Best Resistance Band Handle


The Best Resistance Band Handle

Yeah, that's a big claim but we're being "dead serious" when we say our resistance band handle is the best handle on the market. In fact, there's no other band handle like it. It's unique, different and has a long list of benefits you can enjoy using it. 

The Clench Resistance Band Handle

Why the Clench Fitness band handle?

Comfort, versatility, easy to use, more workouts, more results, where do we start?


X3 The Versatility

Thanks to its unique design, our CF band handle is X3 more versatile than any other band handle on the current market. Why? Because you can do more workouts with our handle than any other resistance band handles. That's super important, it means you can push your body further, greater impact, greater results.

*While we recommend using our bands, our band handle works with a lot of different loop resistance bands. 

Easy To Add/Remove Bands

Thanks to the unique design and attachment points, you can transition from one workout to the next in a matter of seconds. It's super easy, less down time and more time working out. 

Strong And Durable

Our resistance band handle is strong and durable, just what you need to go all out and push your body to the limits. Don't worry, this handle can take it! It's tough, it will hold up against intense workouts. In fact, we give you a full year warranty to boot. 

Perfected Design

Not only can you get more results, the design has been perfected, that's why you have so many workout options with our resistance band handle. It's comfortable, you get a secure grip, it feels "right." You can easily store all your bands and travel with it, throw it in a gym bag. 

Our Level I And Level II Resistance Band Kits

While you can buy our resistance band handle individually, our resistance band kits come with everything you need to have your own resistance band home gym. We have 2 band kits, be sure to check them out.

Level I Resistance Bands Kit 

Level II Resistance Bands Kit

Training, Tutorials, And More

If you're brand new to the world of resistance bands, we welcome you to the Clench Fitness family. We have a wide range of training videos and tutorials to help you get the most out of our resistance band handle and resistance bands. 

There's a reason why you're looking for the best resistance band, you care about the results it will help you deliver. We're proud of all the feedback our customers have given us and we feel we've delivered a band handle that's unmatched in the market place. 

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