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Clench Resistance Band Kit - Level II

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Better Bands for Better Gains

Whether you’re traveling for work, getting your sweat on in your home gym, or bouncing between personal training clients; you know the painstaking process of lugging around 12 different resistance bands in your already packed gym bag. SCREW THAT. You need to get your meaty hands on a solution that’s compact, versatile and portable.


Introducing the Clench Band Kit

This is the all-in-one resistance training system that’s better than anything you’ve ever used before. You get a full set of extremely high quality bands with enough resistance for endless full body workouts. Our Clench Band Handles create comfort, remove the awkwardness, and give you the ability to get creative and do more exercises than you even thought possible.  

Not only that, but the handles act as a storage device for your bands between workouts.


With our Level 2 kit, we put it all together — every band and accessory you desperately needed and combined them into one easy-to-purchase bundle. The Level 2 kit is your one-stop-shop solution that removes the clutter from your life. Take back your workouts, and get those much-needed gains today.  

The Clench Band Handle

These completely take the awkwardness out of using resistance bands. Three unique attachment points offer 3x more versatility than any other resistance band attachment on the market.  They make it easy for quick attachment / detachment of one or multiple bands so you have no problem getting the right resistance for your exercise. You can do exercises with this handle that simply cannot be done with other resistance band accessories. It’s made of a highly durable blend of impact resistant plastic that was tested to withstand the toughest workouts.  It also doubles as a compact storage device with room for up to six bands making this kit one of the most portable pieces of fitness equipment on the planet.

Bands Vs. Weights

We’re not here to make you choose between the kids in the divorce, but hey, there are A LOT of nice benefits to band training.

Versatility: Bands can be used for a multitude of different purposes and offer more exercise freedom because you're not relying on gravity to create resistance. Bands are great for:

Dynamic Squats, Dynamic and Max Bench Presses, Band Pushdowns, Band Rows, Running and Agility Drills, Reverse Band Deadlifts, Reverse Band Bench Presses, Reverse Band Squats, Stretching & Mobility, Pull Aparts, All types of Shoulder Raises, Joint Traction/Distraction, Plus much more

Low impact on joints:  This makes bands great for rehab, mobility, power, and athletic performance exercises.

Variable resistance: Resistance increases as bands are stretched. Muscles will often receive the greatest resistance during the strongest point in the range of motion. Another reason why these are great for power and athletic exercises.

Increased core and stabilizer muscle activation: This is due to constant resistance from band tension (free weights do not provide constant resistance). Bands can help you develop stability, increase strength, and decrease the risk of developing muscular imbalances.

Portability: Bands are lightweight and compact, and you can use them virtually anywhere. You can carry a full body workout worth of bands easily in your gym bag, backpack, or suitcase.

What’s in the Kit?

2 Orange Clench Bands (5-15 lbs) 

Our lowest resistance bands. Perfect for warm-ups, flexibility, core stability, speed and agility training. They are also popular with plyometric training and physical therapy. These low resistance bands are tough and are made to take a beating.

2 Red Clench Bands (15-35 lbs)

 This is a workout favorite. A little more resistance to add to your various stability and powerlifting routines. Great for shoulder joint exercises, ab exercises, biceps, and other upper body strength exercises.  Lightweight and compact so you can take the workout anywhere.

2 Black Clench Bands (35-75 lbs) 

Great for bench movements, shoulder traction and higher resistance mobility training (chest presses, back exercises, triceps, shoulders) lower body exercises (glutes, hamstrings, quads, calves).

2 Purple Clench Bands (50-100 lbs) 

These are perfect for speed training, assisted pull-ups, deadlifts, squats, shrugs and presses. These bands are for high-performance athletes and fitness regulars.

2 Clench Band Handles

These completely take the awkwardness out of using resistance bands.  It also doubles as a compact storage device to help keep your bands organized.  

1 Clench Anchor Strap

The Clench Anchor Strap makes it quick and easy to attach your bands to door frames, posts, trees, playground equipment, squat racks, and more.  The smooth, round tube construction will reduce risk of damaging bands while anchored. It can also hold all of the bands in your kit at once, making it fast and easy to switch resistance between sets.    

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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Great product!

The clench fitness products are well constructed and provide an awesome workout!


Great product, I love using my Clench Fitness resistance bands. Very affordable, and great quality!!

Excellent product

I’m very happy with these bands. The handles are awesome for workouts as well as storage of the bands. It is so nice to have these in my backpack at the gym. I could never find the band I wanted at the gym or they would have tears through them and I was worried about them snapping. The anchor strap is awesome for protecting the bands and also for hooking up multiple bands for fast paced workouts where I’m cycling through different resistance levels quickly. I highly recommend these bands and the handles.

Great Product

We are very impressed with functionality of this product.

A Most Versatile tool!

As an independent personal trainer I'm constantly lugging around heavy and bulky equipment in an attempt to create a gym like experience for my clients. The "Clench Level 2 Kit "gives me a light weight solution to providing an effective resistance training experience for all my clients in any environment. Totally loving my new toy!