Warranty Info

WARRANTY: Clench Products are warranted for 1 year from date of purchase. Please submit warranty inquiries to info@clenchfitness.com.  Please submit a few photos of the damaged items as well as a clear explanation of how the defect occurred. Clench Fitness may request that defective product be returned for evaluation (typically not required).  Return shipping is at customer's expense (if needed). 

This warranty covers defects in product materials or workmanship.  It does not cover physically inflicted damage due to product misuse or abuse, which is up to Clench Fitness to decide.

We do understand that resistance bands are fragile, and that accidents do occur. We will typically replace broken or damaged bands under warranty at least once no matter what the circumstances because we fully stand behind our product quality.  If used correctly, and taken care of, Clench products are designed to last you many years of use without any issues.   


LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY:  If the customer elects to purchase the additional limited lifetime warranty, we will extend the warranty coverage listed above to 10 years for all products ordered in the same order as the lifetime warranty was purchased. 


Please direct any questions to info@clenchfitness.com or call us at 715-600-1564