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"Fantastic set of bands for a home workout or for use on the road. simple to anchor (door, pull-up bar, tree, park bench, etc) and the clench handles are great for versatility and storage, too. amazing variety of exercises, angles and resistance combinations in a very small package. wouldn't hesitate for a moment to recommend these to someone looking for a set of resistance bands." -Chris Brooks

Totally Worth It!
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"I am recovering from some injuries and wanted to use resistance bands to help me stay in shape and do some low impacf workouts. I’m finding my workouts can be just as intense as they are using weights, but easier on my joints. These bands are so versatile, meaning I can work a lot of muscle groups as well as being able to pack it up and take it anywhere with me. I also love that Clench has made workouts available on their site for their customers. Great products, great quality, great customer service, great experience!" -Lisa Anzicek

Best Buy!
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"My wife and I used them in our bootcamp class and we loved them. Our clients not so much. Lol. The handles are great. We used them for rows and chest flies. Also with the bundles of bands we used them to do some sprint work. Like I said a best buy. We plan on getting more. Love the price and quality of the bands." -Lee Cummings

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41" Flat Loop Resistance Bands

$13.00 $9.49

41" Flat Loop Resistance Bands

$13.00 $9.49

 BUILT TO TAKE A BEATING: Our resistance bands are manufactured using the highest quality latex and a cutting edge layering process that incorporates a latex weld to ensure these bands last longer than anything on the market.  We back this up with a full 1 year warranty on all of our resistance bands and accessories.

EXTREME VERSATILITY: Clench resistance bands can be utilized in every aspect of your workout to accelerate results and help you reach your goals.  These bands can be your entire workout, or just another tool in your fitness arsenal, you decide.   

1-Year Warranty

1 year warranty on all resistance bands and accessories.  Covers any defects in materials or workmanship.  Just send it back and we'll send you a replacement.

Fast USA Shipping (2-3 DAY)

Free 2-3 business day shipping on all USA orders over $75. Tracking and insurance included.


Why train with bands?

GET STRONGER AND BUILD MUSCLE Hundreds of exercise options, over 400 lbs of available resistance.
BURN FAT WITH ENDLESS CARDIO ROUTINES No more boring cardio machines
INCREASE CORE STABILITY AND BALANCE Fix posture and muscle imbalances with functional exercises
IMPROVE FLEXIBILITY AND MOBILITY Perform stretching and warm up exercises that prevent injuries and reduce joint pain
MAXIMIZE ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE Increase your speed, agility, and quickness with progressive resistance.

Backed By Fitness Professionals

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Great Product

The band I purchased was the orange one the five pound to fifth teen pound band.It got delivered to my home very quickly.very durable,I'm going to use it as a transition band to go up in weight as I get stronger.i like it so well I'm planning on buying another one real soon

Smooth strength

I’m a retired Navy SEAL and a disabled veteran. I lifted weights ran swam and did Pt . The weights started to break me down and along with all the other wear and tear the surgeries started to pile up. I decided to get the clench system and I’m extremely happy I can do everything I did in the gym, I can accomplish with the bands. I glad I can use these Vice doing nothing


I love it. Handles are great.

Great addition to my workouts and workout equipment

So convenient to use and keeps your workout flowing. When weights aren't available or if I just don't want to use weights, these Clench bands are perfect!!


So convenient to use and keeps your workout flowing. Great price!! I will recommend to others.


Now that I have two bands I can work out faster in a shorter time

Well made.

The green Clench Fitness band is very well made and a great compliment to their Level II kit and is why I bought two of them. Clench should come out with a Level III kit that includes two green bands for the people that want the increased resistance.

Exceptional Quality

This product since purchase has been wonderful. Shipping was quick and accurate, usage has been exceptional. I use this band almost daily and have no signs of wear or breakdown. I would recommend this to others and have already purchased this for family and friends.


This is a great band with good resistance. I bought two of them for use with the Clench Fitness Level II Kit. If you need more resistance for your Clench Band Handles, these are the bands to get.

Perfect for arms.

Bought a pair of these because the red bands were just a little to heavy for some of the arm exercises I do. These work great, and they are still really durable even though they are thin!