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Clench Band Handle

$20.00 $13.00

Clench Band Handle

$20.00 $13.00

More versatility than any other resistance band handle on the market. You can do exercises with this handle that simply cannot be done with other resistance band attachments. Allows for quick and easy attachment / detachment of one or multiple bands so you have no problem getting the right resistance for your exercise. Compatible with most loop style resistance bands.

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Customer Reviews

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Awesome innovation!

It’s so awesome to have something mobile to use for my fitness needs while traveling. I know the importance of resistance training, and this equipment helps me maintain my fitness plan while on the road. Thank you!

Great band handles

The band handles are fantastic for travelling, I've used them 4 or 5 times in the 1 week since they arrived. Easy to use, and perfect to store the bands on. Would highly recommend.

Wow! - long time coach and strength enthusiast

10 years ago I was training collegiate athletes (D1 to club team) as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. Now I have a family and run a media production company. I love lifting heavy whenever and wherever I can so I was very curious when I found about the Clench system.

The handles Clench have developed definitely solve a serious problem when lifting hard with bands. The rubber of heavy bands can pinch and rub on the skin and this rubbing is the primary limiting factor to getting optimal tension to the muscle.

The Clench handles feel great in the hand, are a perfect size for traveling, and do not damage the bands. I mostly use the system at home and when traveling, but I will not hesitate to whip them out at mega gyms too as there are just some movements that can’t be done with dumbbells and cables machines.

I have already recommended Clench to a lot of my friends that lift and I anticipate using it for many years to come. I hope Clench can keep innovating and I would love to see a larger “pro version” of the handles that are not necessarily meant for travel and can more easily fit two hands (for exercises like behind the head tricep extension) or allow for attachments like a rope handle. Maybe it could even be made of metal. Thank you Clench for making a great and affordable product and if you are on the fence, just try it out, you won’t be disappointed!

Excited to workout

Handles make it fun to use bands💪🏻I am able to use bands in more ways and with your videos even more than imagined🎉🤩🎉

Very versatile!

Love the clench handles that can be used eith power bands. They make exercising at home or on the go even better by bringing creativity and versatility. Durable, light weight, and easy to use- the exercise options you can do with them are endless!


Love the handles. They are great for storing the bands. While I like to grab the bands to help improve grip strength, there are some moves the handles really help.

Love them!!!

They are easy and comfortable to use. They are a welcome addition for my workout!

Power Band Handles

I’m very satisfied with my purchase, the handles I purchased are good quality, they showed up quickly and Brandon is very customer friendly and really does care if you’re happy or not!


I love it. Handles are great.

Great Quality Product

Handle arrived sooner than expected and I was surprised at quality of handle- its heavy duty and which I like was able to wrap my blue and green band on it for storage. Will be ordering another handle