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2018 Clench Fitness Holiday Wish List!

Posted by Clench Fitness on

2018 Clench Fitness Holiday Wish List!

We are excited to bring you our 2018 Holiday Wish List! We wanted to put together a straight to the point list of our products that we know will make great gifts! Although we believe all of our products can tackle the job, we’ve made sure to list some of our top sellers that our customers can’t get enough of! Not only are these our top sellers, but they truly make the perfect gift for anyone who...

-is an avid gym goer
-is a fitness beginner
-is a fitness junkie
-travels for work 
-uses hotel gyms
-exercises at home
-is of any fitness level
-is of any age
...basically they make the perfect gift for ANYONE! So if you’re still trying to find a gift for the person who has everything, this might just be it!
Our 5-Band Set includes five different sized resistance bands ranging from 5-150 lbs. of resistance. These aren’t just any resistance bands, they are truly built to take a beating. Each band is manufactured with the highest quality latex and a layering process that incorporates a latex weld to ensure more durability and longevity. 
The best part is these bands can be used in every part of your workout. From your warm up to your cool down, you can incorporate resistance bands. They work great for flexibility, strength training, powerlifting, speed, agility, plyometrics, rehab, physical therapy, and so much more! The possibilities are truly endless!
Last but not least, bands are lightweight and compact, allowing you to take your workout anywhere. They can give you a total body workout without any other equipment needed!
Our Level I Kit includes six resistance bands ranging from 5-100 lbs. of resistance, two Clench Band Handles, and a Clench Anchor Strap. This kit will provide you with endless versatility in your workouts. The resistance bands work great for every thing from warm ups, stretching, to upper body, and lower body exercises. 
Our Clench Band Handles are a one-of-a-kind piece of equipment that will take your resistance band workouts to the next level! The handle offers three different attachment points creating even more ways to use your resistance bands. It helps take the awkward, uncomfortable feeling out of using resistance bands with your bare hands. 
The best part, all of the equipment stores nicely on the two clench band handles once you’re finished with your workout! Once wrapped up, they store well in a gym bag, home gym, or luggage.
Our Level II Kit includes 8 resistance bands ranging from 5-150 lbs. of resistance, two Clench Band Handles, and a Clench Anchor Strap. This is by far our best selling kit as it has everything you need for a total body workout! Over at Clench Fitness, this is our go to kit! We take it with us to the gym, on vacation, and on weekend getaways. 
The Clench door anchor will allow you to take your workouts anywhere as it can be used in more places than just a door frame. The door anchor features a long strap, so you can easily wrap it around a post, rack at the gym, deck railing, etc. It also features a smooth, round tube where the bands can be attached without damaging the bands. It’s also made with a thick, nylon material that will withstand even the toughest workouts.
Head over to the product pages to read more about each of the featured kits! We’d be happy to answer any questions you have through email at 
Happy Holidays!
Clench Fitness Team