Clench Fitness - 5 Band Set

Clench 5 - Band Set Includes:  

1 - Clench ORANGE - 5-15 lb Band

1 - Clench RED - 15-35 lb Band

1 - Clench BLACK - 35-75 lb Band

1- Clench PURPLE - 50-100 lb Band

1- Clench GREEN - 75-150 lb Band


  • BUILT TO TAKE A BEATING.  Clench bands are manufactured using the highest quality latex and a cutting edge layering process that incorporates a latex weld to ensure these bands last longer than anything on the market.  We back this up with a full 1 year warranty on any Clench bands.  
  • EXTREME VERSATILITY. Clench bands can be utilized in every aspect of your workout to accelerate results and help you reach your goals.  These bands can be your entire workout, or just another tool in your fitness arsensal, you decide.   
    • Clench bands work excellent in the following areas: 
      • Warm-up / Flexibility / Core-Stability.  
      • Strength Training / Powerlifting.  
      • Speed / Agility / Quickness training. 
      • Plyometric training.  
      • Rehab / Physical Therapy.  
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & COMPACT.  Clench bands make it easy to create resistance anywhere without bulky weights and exercise equipment.  They store and travel well in gym bags and suitcases, so you can take your workouts anywhere you want to go.  


There’s so much you can do with your Clench Fitness resistance bands.

  • Warm Up - Flexibility - Core Stability

  • Strength Training - Powerlifting

  • Speed - Agility - Quickness Training

  • Aerobics, Jumping, Plyometrics

  • Resistance Weight Training

  • Rehab - Physical Therapy

Our resistance band kits provide you with endless possibilities for high quality, full body workouts, and they cost less than a handful of dumbbells.  

Small Resistance Bands

Our thinnest, lowest resistance Clench Fitness bands are great for stretching, conditioning, warm-ups, pull-up resistance, rehabilitation and flexibility.   (Orange 5-15 LB, Red 15-25 LB) 

Medium Resistance Bands

Our medium resistance Clench Fitness bands are perfect for weightlifting, upper body exercises (chest presses, back exercises, triceps, shoulders) lower body exercises (glutes, hamstrings, quads, calves). (Black 35-75 LB)

Heavy Resistance Bands

Our heavy resistance bands are amazing for speed training, assisted pull-ups, deadlifts, squats, shrugs and presses. These bands are for high-performance athletes and fitness regulars. (Purple 50-100 LB) (Green 75-150 LB)


Why Train With Bands?


Low impact on joints:  This makes bands great for rehab, mobility, power, and athletic performance exercises.

Variable resistance: Resistance increases as bands are stretched. Muscles will often receive greatest resistance during the strongest point in the range of motion. Another reason why these are great for power and athletic exercises.

Increased core and stabilizer muscle activation:  This is due to constant resistance from band tension (free weights do not provide constant resistance). Bands can help you develop stability, increase strength, and decrease the risk of developing muscular imbalances.

Versatility: As shown above, bands can be used for a multitude of different purposes and offer more exercise freedom because you're not relying on gravity to create resistance.

Portability: Bands are lightweight and compact, and you can use them virtually anywhere. You can carry a full body workout worth of bands easily in your gym bag, backpack, or suitcase.



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Clench Fitness - 5 Band Set

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Ask a Question
  • What is the length of these resistance bands?

    All of our resistance bands are 41" in length. 

  • Are these bands compatible with the band handle?

    Yes, our Clench Band Handle is rated to hold 150 lbs. of resistance. All of our resistance bands will work well. 

  • Does this set come with a pair of each colored resistance band?

    This set comes with 5 resistance bands, so a single band in each color.