41- Inch Loop Resistance Bands
41- Inch Loop Resistance Bands
41- Inch Loop Resistance Bands
41- Inch Loop Resistance Bands
41- Inch Loop Resistance Bands
41- Inch Loop Resistance Bands
41- Inch Loop Resistance Bands
41- Inch Loop Resistance Bands

41- Inch Loop Resistance Bands

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 BUILT TO TAKE A BEATING: Our resistance bands are manufactured using the highest quality latex and a cutting edge layering process that incorporates a latex weld to ensure these bands last longer than anything on the market.  We back this up with a full 1 year warranty on all of our resistance bands and accessories.

EXTREME VERSATILITY: Clench resistance bands can be utilized in every aspect of your workout to accelerate results and help you reach your goals.  These bands can be your entire workout, or just another tool in your fitness arsenal, you decide.   

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1-Year Warranty

1 year warranty on all resistance bands and accessories. Covers any defects in materials or workmanship. Just send it back and we'll send you a replacement.

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Free 2-3 day shipping on all USA orders over $75. Tracking and insurance included. 

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What's in the box?

Free Access To Workouts And How-to Videos

Premium Resistance Bands

Why Should I Train With Bands?

Get Stronger And Build Muscle

Hundreds of exercise options, unlimited amounts of available resistance

Burn Fat With Endless Cardio Routines

No more boring cardio machines

Increase Core Stability And Balance

Fix posture and muscle imbalances with functional exercises

Improve Flexibility And Mobility

Perform stretching and warm up exercises that prevent injuries and reduce joint pain

Maximize Athletic Performance

Increase your speed, agility, and quickness with progressive resistance.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Clench Band Handle & 41- Inch Loop Resistance Bands

I purchased these items after yet another (3rd) shoulder injury & having only limited success with physical therapy. My left shoulder was completely atrophied after a harsh reaction to a drug given me post surgery, with multiple muscles in both arms & the right shoulder as well. At 65 & no longer able to work out with weights I found these bands & handles to have had immediate success in attacking the hard to get muscles I couldn't with the bands from PT. The handles give me all the alternative & creative angles & positions I needed to work out effectively! From the 1st workout I have been able to feel the pump in my muscles I had not been able to get otherwise & in the all of the poorly responsive shoulder muscles as well. I am only in my 2nd week of using these bands & feel confident the impact they will have on my recovery to date (only half the muscles in the shoulder have come back) will be exponentially greater in the next few months time.

With the injury keeping me out of work I have only been able to order some of the lighter bands, but I look forward to purchasing more of the heavy bands soon to work on my legs with greater success also. Crunch Fitness has been very helpful with some great discounts, gift cards & more to help me make some purchases I thought I might not be able. They back their word & product without compromise making it easy should you have any unforeseen issues.

The pictures I submitted are after working on my shoulder for 14 months at least 3 to 5 days a week, gaining only 5 pounds in the effort. I am hopeful for 10 to 15 pounds in muscle mass over the next 3 months & getting back up from 135lbs to 150lbs and hopefully up to 160lbs once again by summers end with these Clench Fitness bands. Thanks for the great products guys, absolutely love them all!!!

Quality bands and great Customer Service

These bands are of excellent quality, very durable. I also like the consistent communication from Clenchfitness. I get regular emails regarding my satisfaction level as a customer. That is huge; a really big deal to me. This tells me that I am a valued customer and they want my continued business! Keep up the good work!


The first thing I purchased from Clench Fitness was the handles and the door hook and I was amazed at the quality of the products. Then I decided to order a set of their bands and I was pleasantly surprised by the quality. I know these bands will hold up to any workout. I love the variety in resistance that Clench offers. Now I have complete Clench system to help me achieve my goals.

Just what I needed

This sturdy little band is a part of every workout for me right now, doing some corrective work on bad shoulders. I can attach it to whatever, it stays in place and it is very very durable.

Versital Office Workout Option

I have been using the Clench system for a number of weeks now at the office for lunchtime workouts. Product quality is excellent and there are enough resistance band options to cover many different exercises. One huge observation is that I have less joint or tendon irritation using the bands vs. Using my "strap-based" system.

Awesome Product!!!

I highly recommend this product. I ordered the Orange (5-15lb) band. Fast delivery. I used it for stretching before lifting weights.

Love them

I got the orange and black loops. I am in my late forties and haven't lifted in a decade. These are great since my rotator cuff would have been screaming by now if not. If I progress thru through higher loops it will produce some beast mode. Delivered in a short amount time and ready to go. Thanks!

Great Product

The band I purchased was the orange one the five pound to fifth teen pound band.It got delivered to my home very quickly.very durable,I'm going to use it as a transition band to go up in weight as I get stronger.i like it so well I'm planning on buying another one real soon

Smooth strength

I’m a retired Navy SEAL and a disabled veteran. I lifted weights ran swam and did Pt . The weights started to break me down and along with all the other wear and tear the surgeries started to pile up. I decided to get the clench system and I’m extremely happy I can do everything I did in the gym, I can accomplish with the bands. I glad I can use these Vice doing nothing

Great addition to my workouts and workout equipment

So convenient to use and keeps your workout flowing. When weights aren't available or if I just don't want to use weights, these Clench bands are perfect!!