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"Fantastic set of bands for a home workout or for use on the road. simple to anchor (door, pull-up bar, tree, park bench, etc) and the clench handles are great for versatility and storage, too. amazing variety of exercises, angles and resistance combinations in a very small package. wouldn't hesitate for a moment to recommend these to someone looking for a set of resistance bands." -Chris Brooks

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"I am recovering from some injuries and wanted to use resistance bands to help me stay in shape and do some low impacf workouts. I’m finding my workouts can be just as intense as they are using weights, but easier on my joints. These bands are so versatile, meaning I can work a lot of muscle groups as well as being able to pack it up and take it anywhere with me. I also love that Clench has made workouts available on their site for their customers. Great products, great quality, great customer service, great experience!" -Lisa Anzicek

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"My wife and I used them in our bootcamp class and we loved them. Our clients not so much. Lol. The handles are great. We used them for rows and chest flies. Also with the bundles of bands we used them to do some sprint work. Like I said a best buy. We plan on getting more. Love the price and quality of the bands." -Lee Cummings

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Resistance Bands Workout


Resistance Bands Workout

While there's many different ways to get your resistance bands workout in, we realize some of you are new to the world of resistance bands. No matter is you're a seasoned vet or new to resistance bands, we have everything you need to help you get creative with a wide range of resistance bands workouts.

When we launched our Instagram and Facebook pages, we did it for a few different reasons. First and foremost, we want to connect with you. Those two platforms allow us to do that. However, we also wanted to educate, inspire and motivate you to be your "BEST."

If you know how resistance bands can change your results, help you perform at the highest levels, you already know how important a great resistance bands workout routine is. This is why everyone is buying resistance bands now and due to the high popularity 

If you're just now learning about resistance bands or just now starting to use them, you likely don't know just how much they can help.

Resistance Bands Workout Library

Clench Fitness has a huge library of resistance bands training exercises that you can access for free right now. Yeah, we want you to go check them out. Here's the video library.

We want to personally invite you to check out our Instagram page. For several months, every single day, we've been sharing resistance bands workout videos. When you learn all the amazing things you can do with resistance bands, you'll see the value in a high quality resistance bands kit like we offer here at Clench Fitness.

Be sure to checkout our Instagram page (Click Here)

Clench Fitness Resistance Bands Kits

Now, we have two powerful resistance band kits to help you get started with your workouts. The Level I and Level II Kits.

Level I Resistance Bands Kit - This resistance bands home gym features (2) Clench band handles, (2) 5-15lb bands, (2) 15-35lb bands, (2) 35-75lb bands, (1) anchor strap, our How-To-Use Guide and access to resistance bands training videos.

Level II Resistance Bands Kit - This resistance bands home gym kit features  (2) Clench band handles, (2) 5-15lb bands, (2) 15-35lb bands, (2) 35-75lb bands, (2) 50-100lb bands, (1) anchor strap, our How-To-Use Guide and access to resistance bands training videos.

Versatility In Your Workouts

One of the biggest benefits of using resistance bands workouts is the versatility. You do need a special resistance band handle like Clench Fitness has to truly take advantage of it. 

None the less, the resistance bands workouts you can do are endless.

There’s so much you can do with your Clench Fitness resistance bands.

  • Warm Up - Flexibility - Core Stability
  • Strength Training - Powerlifting
  • Speed - Agility - Quickness Training
  • Aerobics, Jumping, Plyometrics
  • Resistance Weight Training
  • Rehab - Physical Therapy

Resistance Bands Kits like Clench Fitness offer are for all levels, both beginner and advanced. 

The results our customers are getting is amazing. 

You can check out our reviews here.

Workout Library

Don't forget to check out our resistance band workout training videos. Be sure to join us on Instagram and Facebook for more workouts and exercises.

If you'd like to receive new workout and exercise training videos, be sure to follow us on social media. You can find the links at the top of the page.

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