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13-Inch Mini Resistance Bands

$9.00 $7.00

13-Inch Mini Resistance Bands

$9.00 $7.00

WON'T ROLL OR SLIDE:  Narrower and thicker than most mini bands on the market.  This helps them stay in place during exercise without rolling up.

3 mm thick layered latex construction ensures that these bands will hold up to more reps without wearing out.   

NOT JUST FOR GLUTES:  Yes, these bands will help you build that perfect booty, but they can do so much more!  Abs, biceps, triceps, hamstrings, you name it, these bands can help you train them.  


1 year warranty on all resistance bands and accessories.  Covers any defects in materials or workmanship.  Just send it back and we'll send you a replacement.


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Premium strength and durability

Superior design

Endless Exercise Possibilities

Customer Reviews

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Great product

I love these bands. Great product, super customer service, and will definitely be purchasing more in the near future. Great company!

Quench Fitness Has Done It Again!!!

These mini bands are a game changer. I use mine to help me warm up my hip flexors and shoulders. I love the three resistance levels Clench offers and I love the versatility as well. I like that they don't move when you are doing your exercises. And using them with their handles takes your workout to a whole new level. I am already a proud owner of their 41 inches bands so good I brought two sets. If you are looking for quality bands at a good price look no further than these wonderful mini bands you will not regret your decision!!

Not your puny box store bands

These bands have worked out great for me. My recent trips to the gym were short lived because of the crowds and not having availability to the machines. I started working out at home but I needed to add strength training for health reasons. Having a limited amount of space in my home I was looking for something that would not be in the way. I own several types of bands that you can buy at almost any store and there is not much to them. When I saw these on facebook I thought how can they be worth this price? When watched the video they seemed a little better than what I had so I thought I would take the chance. I ordered the beginner set and mini bands with the payment system. This is the best fitness equipment purchase I have made in a long time. These bands are exactly what they promise. I am 53 and have arthritis. The handles make it so easy to use and without the pain of trying to hang on to just the bands. The bands are very thick and have the resistance Clench says they do. I found exercises on their YouTube channel and they can be used for every part of your body. I am feeling the difference after using this equipment. I have much more strength and energy. Also after several weeks of using the bands regularly and diet change I was able to reduce the medicine I take for my different health problems. I wish I had found and started using these sooner.