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Clench Band Handle

$20.00 $13.00

Clench Band Handle

$20.00 $13.00

More versatility than any other resistance band handle on the market. You can do exercises with this handle that simply cannot be done with other resistance band attachments. Allows for quick and easy attachment / detachment of one or multiple bands so you have no problem getting the right resistance for your exercise. Compatible with most loop style resistance bands.

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Customer Reviews

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Absolutely love this!

I’m so glad I ordered this. This is so handy to have for all band workouts. If you incorporate band exercises in your workouts routine, then you will definitely be happy to have this to go along with it. It’s very functional and can bd used in so ways.

Effective and easy to use!

My 70 year old client is setting up a garage gym. This CLENCH set-up was my gift to him. He has used it at every session and it has worked really well! Love how easy it is to use and several of my other clients will be getting their own soon.

Hand saver!

The Clench Handle as been a hand saver for me. I love using bands but my hands have osteoarthritis and have endured some surgeries. Even with gloves the pain was just too much when using the heavier bands. I can now perform all my exercises with much better form and without pain. Thanks for a fantastic product!

Handles are awesome!

I am so glad I found clench fitness through Instagram. The band handles are an awesome addition to our home gym. They are so easy to use and you can transition between exercises quickly. The handles are comfortable and using bands is a nice way to change things up instead of constantly training with dumbbells and barbells. My husband and I both agree that we enjoy the variety of adding bands to our training. Thanks!

Safe, convenient, fun

I had underutilized resistance bands in recent years because of RSI in my aging hands. Clench is brilliant! Clench handles have many attachment points, comfortable grip size and are very light weight. Add a couple of their high quality bands, with the versatile anchor, and you have a nice portable strength-building kit. I have one pair of handles on a semi-permanent anchor in my office, another set convenient in my bedroom (and will pack it to travel soon).

Clench products have made resistance band training safe, convenient and fun again.

Band Heaven

What a great product. Love the fitness bundle. The handles and anchor strap are a game changer!

Best Purchase Ever!!!

I must say I was very interested in getting the Clench Fitness handles to see how they could assist me with my bands workouts. I have to admit that Clench did not disappoint with these handles, I like how light they are and that you have three access points to attach your bands. I truly feel these handles are going to help me make major gains. If you are on the fence on whether to buy these handles I say make the purchase.

Good Products / Good Customer Service

First time ordering from Clench Fitness. I did order around the holidays so shipping was delayed by a few days. Overall they did a good job responding to shipping times in a timely manner. Products arrived in good shape. I would like to see a better design on the band handles. They are solid on one side and open on the other. A completely solid handle would be nice. It would also be nice to see a metal handle as an option at some point. The bands appear to be comparable to many major brands although they are a bit glossy compared to other bands - shouldn't affect the functionality.

Better Than Traditional Band Handles

At first I was somewhat skeptical with the Clench Fitness Handles but with the right exercises these handles can actually be better than any traditional band handles such as the Robert Baraban Handles. The way you anchor the band on the Clench Handles makes the band a lot shorter and therefore increase the starting tension of your exercise. I've been especially enjoying these handles with the banded seated row using Floyd Reed Surfboard. I just feel so much back activation with this setup than the door anchor or standard bent over row. I still feel the amazing pump in my back! I'm not going to lie at first I really didn't like these handles but over time they grew on me as I kept trying them out with every exercise that I can incorporate handles.

Another major advantage of the Clench Fitness handles is that not only can you double wrap, triple wrap, or more quicker and easier than a traditional hook style band handle but you can also do it with only just ONE handle and not be required to use two unlike the latter. If you need further demonstration of what exactly I'm talking about please go watch the videos. Clench Fitness goes on sale most of the time especially with all the upcoming holidays but right now their Clench handles are actually on sale at only $13 when it's normally $20 (still cheap!). These handles are dirt cheap and I dare say better than traditional hook style handles.

Check out my Facebook group where I do a lot of reviews and resistance training videos including Clench Fitness Handles and Bands. It's called, "Resistance Training & Product Review".

Band handles

These band handles are awesome! Working out with bands is completely different than free weights, these handles give me that feeling of lifting weights with all the benefits of still using bands....great job on these guys!