The Ultimate Travel Tips!


The Ultimate Travel Tips!
Have you ever been on a vacation or work trip that completely threw you off of your healthy lifestyle practices? 

I’m guilty of it too!
I’ve gone on trips where I skipped all of my workouts and splurged all day, everyday. Guess what? I came back home feeling pretty lousy (aka bloated, dehydrated, tired, the list goes on!) and I’m guessing you have too. 

The truth is you can still fully enjoy a trip without falling off the wagon! I know that from experience! I’ve learned how to maintain a good balance of workouts, healthy nutrition, and enjoying the "good things"!

This past week we went away for a five day trip! It was a wonderful time that was mostly spent working, but we did have a day to enjoy some fun. We decided before even leaving for this trip that we would keep up our normal routine as much as we could while away. 

Here’s some of the things we did to keep ourselves on track while on this trip!
  • We booked our stay at a place that had a full kitchen. Airbnb is a wonderful option, otherwise a hotel with more amenities works great too. This allowed us the ability to avoid eating out for all of our meals. Not to mention save some $!
  • We went grocery shopping upon arrival to our destination.
    • We picked a local health food store and stocked up on food that would be healthy and not require a lot of preparation. Here’s our grocery list and how we turned it into quick and easy meals!
      • Eggs
      • Applegate chicken sausage
      • Nut Pod coffee creamer
      • Spinach
      • Mushrooms
      • Rotisserie chicken
      • Sweet potato
      • Rice/Quinoa packet
      • Frozen broccoli
      • Ground turkey
      • Rao’s spaghetti sauce
      • Whole grain pasta noodles
      • Siete sea salt tortilla chips
      • Guacamole
      • EPIC bars
      • Purely Elizabeth granola bars
      • Beef jerky
      • Fresh fruit (cherries, apples, raspberries)
      • Oatmeal
      • Lesser Evil Popcorn
      • Breakfast: Eggs, Applegate chicken sausages, Nut Pod coffee creamer, and fresh veggies like spinach and mushrooms in our eggs.
      • Lunch: We ate lunch out each day, but focused on healthy, light lunches such as soup and salad. We actually tried a buffet on day one and realized quickly that was a big no for us! Too easy to fall off track and not very good quality food.
      • Dinner: Option 1: Rotisserie chicken (This was SO good, no prep needed, and lasted us multiple meals!), sweet potato (Just pop it in the microwave for 5-10 minutes!), and frozen broccoli.
      • Option 2: Rotisserie chicken, rice/quinoa microwaveable packet, and green beans.
      • Option 3: Ground turkey, Rao’s spaghetti sauce, mushrooms, spinach, and whole grain pasta noodles.
      • Option 4: On our last night we enjoyed all the leftovers! We still had rotisserie chicken, sweet potato, broccoli, and fresh fruit.
      • Snacks: We had easy snacks like EPIC bars and Purely Elizabeth granola bars on hand for the plane ride. Once we got to the grocery store we picked up beef jerky, fresh fruit, Siete tortilla chips, guacamole, and popcorn to snack on throughout our trip.
  • We brought water bottles with us so that we could keep up with our water intake each day. It was also way more convenient than buying water all week long too!
  • We got up early each day to make time for a 20 minute workout. Even a quick workout can make all the difference! We traveled with a Level II Kit just like this one. It's the perfect amount of resistance (400 lbs.) that we were both able to do full body workouts without a problem. Learn more about the kit by clicking here!

I hope you enjoyed these tips and found them to be helpful! The biggest aspect is having a plan and setting yourself up for success!
Have a great day!