Resistance Band Kit - Level I
Resistance Band Kit - Level I
Resistance Band Kit - Level I
Resistance Band Kit - Level I
Resistance Band Kit - Level I

Resistance Band Kit - Level I

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We know there are tons of resistance bands out there — but none of those offer you the freedom, convenience, versatility and results like the Clench Band Starter Kit. With six durable bands in the kit, you’re able to perform countless resistance workouts ranging from powerlifting — to speed and agility training anywhere you want. Take control of your workout and clench your results today!

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What's In The Box?

Free Access To Workouts And How-to Videos

Two Clench Band Handles

Six Premium Resistance Bands

Heavy Duty Anchor Strap

Why Should I Train With Bands?

Get Stronger And Build Muscle

Hundreds of exercise options, over 250 lbs of available resistance

Burn Fat With Endless Cardio Routines

No more boring cardio machines

Increase Core Stability And Balance

Fix posture and muscle imbalances with functional exercises

Improve Flexibility And Mobility

Perform stretching and warm up exercises that prevent injuries and reduce joint pain

Maximize Athletic Performance

Increase your speed, agility, and quickness with progressive resistance

Customer Reviews

Based on 66 reviews
Loving my Clench Gear!

I have been a workout nut my entire life and had stopped working out for the last 3 years due to personal health reasons. I got into the worst shape of my life and had a hard time making it into the gym. Having received my gear the week before last has provided me the opportunity to take the necessary steps, at home, of getting back into a workout routine. I am already feeling gains and am motivated to get my "Clench" on every morning. The gear is high quality and easy to use. The workout videos are also extremely helpful!

Bought this resistance set to travel with me when out of the house for business.

I bought the resistance band level II set to take along with me when I travel out of town. Using the bands on travel, I found the resistance band to be more useful and am now using the kit at home. I have been in a vehicle accident recently and am using the bands to do some light work out under the guidance of my doctor. Doing some of the basic resistance workout is helping me keep some work out and helping me recover from some of my injuries. Definitely worth purchase.

Love my bands

I have now had my bands for a month. I love them. I dont have to go to the other side of town to go to the gym.

Portable gym

I had the chance to try my kit out the other day and my first impressions are great! What drew me to this kit is the variety in resistance and its portability. I will be traveling a far amount this year to mountain bike races. I wanted to invest in equipment that not only worked at home, but also wouldn’t take up a lot of valuable space in my car. The different colored bands make it easy to keep track of which ones to use for specific exercises and the band handles have a comfortable fit.

awesome product

I love the resistance band kit and it helps me with my workout. With my injuries from before, and have more time to do more things during the day. Don't need the free weights. I have other people come up and ask about the resistance band workout. They have tried it and using the same bands as my routine.

Replacing standard bands

I really do like the bands since I don't have to use the clips to attach them to the anchors. I've broken a few of my previous bands causing me to have to get others that weren't the same length. Doing that means having to attach more clips or take off clips to compensate for the different lengths.

Stretch Your Health - Unlimited Potential

I bought the L2 bundle. If you think you can't get a workout from bands, then you may not be using the right equipment. The bands and handles offer the right resistance at the right time for anyone at any fitness level and offer greater flexibility in what you can do with them in a workout. They are easy to use and so portable. I own many other bands but Clench bands are of much better quality and with the handles I can use more resistance with no bands cutting into the hands. I love that I can take my workout anywhere -airport, home, office, vacation. Even the kids love using them right along with me! These would be a great addition to any sport team warm up or workout routine or athlete who wants to up their game in the gym!

Making resistance bands even better.

I just received my order, bundle level 2. I was so impressed I bought a set for my wife.

Resistance Band Kit - Level II - This KIT ROCKS!!!

I have only had the kit a little over a week but have had ample opportunity to use every band with and without the handles. Liked them so much I already ordered two more handles to use multiples at the same time with more people.

gear i have neer used or seen before

while going through FB, I found Clench Fitness page started checking the page out. I have used bands in my workouts for years. What was my surprise was the handles for the bands and the variety of excersise that could be done and the angles. I ordered the Resistance pack 1 as soon as I could. these handles are Great. New angles more resistance,,Hopefully a lot more Muscle to be packed on..My worlout partners liked them so much I got them their own gear for Christmas, so they have their own Clench Fitness products when I am not available to train. AWESOME PRODUCTS.. THANKS BRANDON AND cLENCH FITNESS STAFF....